About Us

Open Mind LLC is a non-medical home care agency located in Metro Area Minnesota.  We are dedicated providing exceptional services to individuals from any age group.  We do not just strive to meet the standards that our clients expect we reach to surpass them everyday.  We take into account every aspect of each individual client and personalize everything to their liking.  One of the main things that we focus on is independency.  We strengthen our clients weak points in their day to day life.  Such as cooking and grocery shopping, ext. 

 Our Vision 

 Is to become one of the leading non-medical home care agencies in Minnesota.  We hope to active this with help and support of our clients as well as our future clients, dedication, as well as grit.  We are determined to offer our services to anyone who wants them.  

Our Services

Here at Open Mind LLC we dedicate everything we do to better our agency as a whole and the lives of our clients.  Our services are tailored toward each clients personal needs.  We above all focus on making the clients feel as satisfied and happy as possible.  We aim to add more clients to our family.  We also offer Housing Access Coordination which where we offer up our services in order to aid clients in their pursuit of a home(HAC is a waver based service).

  • 24-hour Emergency Services 
  • Adult Companion Services
  • Homemaker
  • Individual Community Living Support
  • Night Supervision 
  • Personal Support
  • Respite Care 
  • In-home family support
  • Independent living skills training
  • Semi-independent living skills
  • Individualized Home Supports
  • Supported Living Services for Adults 

Contact Information